Nature Based Systems

Nature Based Systems

What is the Nature Based Systems Workstream?

The Nature Based Systems Workstream is led by Dr Lynn Dicks (University of Cambridge), Dr Brian Eversham (Wildlife Trusts), Tom Clarke (Nature-friendly farming network) and Alan Kell (National Trust). It focuses on how nature and conservation can be supported throughout the farmed landscape in the Fens.

We have the following objectives:

  • To identify farm system interventions or changes to farm management that can enhance biodiversity in the farmed landscape, at the same time as delivering on objectives to mitigate climate change and improve access to water resources.
  • To gather or collate evidence to demonstrate that these systemic changes are nature-positive, against measured baselines, and to provide detailed guidance on how to make the changes.
  • To make information available on the status of nature across the Fen landscape: what species are found where, how are they doing, and how might they be better supported at landscape scale?


We are working with the Cambridge University Centre for Landscape Regeneration and a range of other partners.


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