Measuring GHG Emissions

Measuring GHG Emissions

What is the Measuring Greenhouse Gases Workstream?

The Measuring GHG Emissions Workstream, led by Prof Chris Evans (UKCEH) aims to establish agreed figures for emission factors from deep, shallow and wasted peat to allow more accurate estimates to be made for agricultural soil emissions in Cambridgeshire. The workstream works in tandem with the landscape mapping workstream to make sure that the emissions factors are scaled up to the correct soil types.


The workstream is currently focusing on using eddy covariance flux towers in combination with field management information to identify emissions factors for different crops and soil types. There are currently 30 of these sites across the UK with 7 in the Fens, owned and operated by various research teams.

These towers are a vital piece of equipment but are extremely expensive to run, costing upwards of £80,000 and as much as £250,000 to purchase, and £15,000 or more a year to rent and operate. Hence funds are urgently needed to keep funding them so that we can keep collecting crucial data.


Measuring Greenhouse Gases Workstream

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