What is the economics workstream?

The Economic and Social Impacts Workstream, led by Mat Smith (F Smith and Sons; NFU County Chairman) aims to evaluate long term how mitigation to meet Net Zero affects a business and the Fen Economy. It will also evaluate how Environmental Land Management (ELM) Schemes may be able to help businesses to establish regenerative practices without damaging profitability.



Fenland Soil is working with Andersons Eastern The Farm Business Consultants to review possible mitigation measures to reduce the impacts of fenland farming on greenhouse gas emissions and soil losses.  The work will examine the practicality of measures being put forward alongside the agronomic and financial impacts changes to cropping practices would have on the overall farm business.  By working with a cross section of fenland producers covering a range of farming systems on differing soil types it will be possible to build up the most detailed picture yet available of the future actions growers could undertake to mitigate climate change impacts.  The work will crucially examine the trade-offs between changing practices and business profitability to explore how these changes can be incentivised through future government policy.


Fenland Soil

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