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Charles Shropshire

Charles Shropshire

Charles is the Managing Director of G’s Cambs Farms Growers. His farm adopts a Whole Farm Approach to sustainable regenerative agriculture; harnessing the symbiotic connection between soil and growing crops,  biodiversity to promote a healthy farm in conjunction with integrated pest management and the use of cover crops. This in turn promotes healthier soils,  healthier crops, healthier colleagues and consumers, healthier business and a healthier environment.

G’s Cambs Farms Growers are dedicated to wildlife conservation. In and around their home farm we have more than 300 acres of wild bird seed mixes, traditional wild flower meadows, pollen and nectar mixes and have planted more than 5  miles of hedgerows and more than 10,000 trees in the last 20 years. Special focus on red list farmland birds such as lapwing and the Turtle dove has meant we have created specific  feeding sites and nesting habitat. Wetland and reedbed areas have been created and are managed to encourage breeding waders; nest boxes have also been installed to provide homes for Tree Sparrow, bats and Barn Owls. The farm also has 150 acres of permanent grassland with ambition in the near future to turn this into a mixed diverse herbal ley where they plan to produce organic beef.

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